January 22nd, 2018 by masu

Certified Massage Therapist.
Certification from the Tiltan College for Alternative Medicine.

Sigal became a professional massage therapist in 2015, but has been massaging her friends for as long as she can remember. “They encouraged me to do it as a profession because of my calming touch, I eventually agreed and have never looked back”. She is a medical massage practitioner amongst other massage techniques, who focuses on the individual’s health and well being knowing that each person goes through a variety of issues throughout life. She makes it her priority to improve people’s wellness. Sigal is very empathetic, with a high degree of sensitivity toward her patients’ physical and emotional pain. She was one of the first to join the Masu family and when she isn’t relaxing on some Greek Island, she keeps busy with her returning clients and new orders coming in.

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