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Our Prenatal Massage is ideal for easing the discomfort of pregnancy as well as for post pregnancy. This can only be booked after week 14 of pregnancy. Make sure to tell us how far ahead you are so that your specially-trained therapist comes prepared for your needs!

ביטול הזמנה פחות מ 24 שעות ממועד הטיפול יחוייב בדמי ביטול של 50% מסכום ההזמנה. ביטול הזמנה פחות מ 4 שעות ממועד הטיפול יחוייב בדמי ביטול מלאים של 100%.

* Please note, orders after 8pm and during Fridays and Saturdays are charged 50 shekels extra

We must know the sex of the costumer because a number of our therapists do not accept orders from the opposite sex (religious and personal reasons)

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